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Aaron Ministries is a charitable organization and operates within an efficient budget and is very conscientious in using funds as effectively as possible. For example, our leadership participate on a volunteer basis, overhead is kept to a minimum, and conferences are put on at an aim of being self-sufficient. But despite our best efforts there are hard costs that we can't ignore and that have to be paid. That's where you come in! Please, partner with us in helping us support ministry leaders by making recurring weekly, monthly, or yearly donations, or a one time donation.

In addition to Paypal transactions to the right, we also accept donations in cheque or cash and they can be dropped off or mailed to our head office: 3124 Hwy # 2, PO Box 2149, Fall River, Nova Scotia, B2T 1K6.

Recurring Donations

Aaron Ministries Network is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. All donors will receive an official donation receipt for donations of $10 or more.