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Focused for Harvest

Our Focused for Harvest program uses church Resource Ministries' Refocus Process. It helps leaders and churches freshly surrender to the Lordship of Jesus and gain clarity in mapping out the way forward, both personally and corporately. The end result is an excellent road map that helps churches and leaders get focused and mobilized to the harvest and to discover or rediscover their unique calling and take strategic steps toward its implementation. 









Phase I: Focusing the Leader

Focusing the Leader is a personal leadership development process designed to help leaders bring focus to their ministry. In a peer-learning community you will discover the encouragement, resourcing, mentoring, and accountability you need to grow deeper in your character, focused in your calling, equipped with new competencies, and courageous in your leadership.


The ultimate outcomes of Phase I are missional leaders and churches who engage in their world with a kingdom perspective, who align themselves afresh with God’s agenda for their lives and their ministries. The result? More and better disciples and churches.


Phase II: Focusing the Church

Focusing the Church has one purpose: to move the local church from maintenance to mission. A missional church is actively engaged in its community, touching lives in a redemptive way. This process is a pathway - it does not prescribe how your church will be missional. Only that it will be. For those who favor plug-and-play programs that worked well for some other congregation in some other city, this process will frustrate you. The process does not dictate what your vision will be. Nor does it decide for you who God wants you to reach. It does not pretend to know what the unique difference is that God has given your church, as God’s gift, to your community. And, it does not define how you will live out God’s missional call to you.
What this process does is:

  • It provides a context for you to discover the answers to each of these questions.
  • It offers a proven method to garner broad congregational support to become a behaviorally missional church.
  • It supports your pastor as the champion of the process.
  • It facilitates the emergence of lay leadership, and lay-led teams, even in churches that have little or no experience with them.
  • It helps develop the character and heart-posture of the congregation to become a generous, others-focused, risk-taking, permission-giving people.
  • It helps the church navigate around the pitfalls common to the thousands of churches that have preceded you on this journey from maintenance to mission.


Focused for Harvest Testimonials

Aaron Ministries has helped many leaders and churches discover or rediscover their unique calling and take strategic steps toward its implementation. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what these people have to say.


"The timing of this opportunity is something in which I see God’s hand.  It provided me with the clarity on who I am and what God has called me to be that has enabled me to step into new areas of ministry with confidence in God’s ability to use me there and that I am serving in the right areas and ways...At this point, I can see this as being something I will look back on as a significant milestone and evidence of God’s activity and plan in my life...I would definitely recommend [Focused for Harvest] to others in ministry."
-Jeremy Marsh, Lead Pastor, Fall River Chapel-