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The History of Aaron Ministries Network

Often when God plans to do something new, He plants a vision in one person's heart and gives that person the responsibility to ponder and pray, to nurture and network, to work and wait. Aaron Ministries was birthed out of that process.


During prayer walks in 2000, God began to speak to Dwight Habermehl about a ministry to pastoral leaders and, through them, to the churches in Atlantic Canada. The vision? Churches working together across denominational lines, building one another up, experiencing new health and vitality, and increasing the harvest.


Dwight went in faith and spent the next year meeting with pastoral leaders. Three common threads emerged as he listened to their joys and pains in ministry:

  • The desire to experience the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their own lives and in the lives of their congregation.
  • The reality that engaging in ministry meant engaging in spiritual battle.
  • The challenge of leading the church into the harvest.


In 2002, Dwight invited leaders to come together and to develop a vision that would address those areas. A leadership team was chosen and in 2003 "The Well" was born.


Encourage The Well became a place for mutual encouragement. Each month a different pastor spoke to the issues of church leadership from his or her own journey, from the triumphs and failures, from God's unique lesson plan. A time of teaching was followed by small groups discussions, seeking ways to personalize those lessons.


Attendance grew as they met in different venues each month. At first, leaders came from churches throughout Halifax, then from other regions in the province. Leaders came expectantly and returned home built up and strengthened. A second Well was started in the Middleton area in 2005 and a third Well was started in the later half of 2012 in the South Shore. Overall, since its inception, more than 150 pastoral leaders from more than 20 denominations have benefited from the Well.


Focus  In 2003, a member of the Aaron network called Dwight and said that he believed that the Lord had put on his heart to connect Dwight with a ministry that he had just come in contact with - Church Resource Ministries (CRM).


Thus began a journey with CRM and their "Refocus Process." The process helps leaders and churches freshly surrender to the Lordship of Jesus and gain clarity in mapping out the way forward, both personally and corporately. The end result is an excellent road map that helps churches and leaders get focused and mobilized to the harvest and to discover or rediscover their unique calling and take strategic steps toward its implementation.


On-site training in Halifax was coordinated and implemented and in 2005 Aaron had its first trained and certified facilitators of the "Refocus Process". All in all, +30 leaders participated and 6 churches participated in the process.


Equip The mandate to equip was realized as Aaron discovered the rich resources that God’s placed right here in Nova Scotia. Aaron began to connect with leaders from different churches who had authority and expertise on subjects that were topical and relevant to the local church. This network of teachers began to grow and soon Aaron had a network of teachers that it was able to draw from and to connect to the needs of leaders and churches.


In fulfilling its mission of equipping, Aaron’s put on a number of conferences and workshops over the years. In 2007 it sponsored an event entitled Lead Like Jesus Now that looked at the leadership principles set by Jesus. In 2008 it sponsored an event entitled Boundaries on setting boundaries in personal and profession relationships. In 2009 is organized a conference called Transform on helping individuals capitalize on the fullness and freedom promised in Christ. In 2010 it organized a conference on effective church governance. In 2012 it organized another conference on effective church governance; this one aimed to help churches design and implement effective and healthy governance principles.


It should be noted that these conferences/seminars are not profit making ventures for Aaron Ministries. To ensure as many participants are able to attend, all such initiatives are priced such that they break even. Any profits gained are kept in their local community and put towards future equipping initiatives.