Aarons Well

About Us

Dwight Habermehl, Executive Director

Dwight was born and raised in Bracebridge, Ontario, and grew up the son of a carpenter/general contractor. In late highschool he felt God calling him into ministry so he attended Pastoral Youth Ministry at Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University). From there, Dwight was called to pastor his first church in Pickering, Ontario, as the Youth Pastor. A few years later, he moved to become the Associate Pastor at a church in Niagara Falls, Ontario. After that he was asked by his denomination to help replant a church, which grew from  a small core of individuals to approximately 200.


From there God began to stir in Dwight’s heart a vision for his church in Atlantic Canada. It was a vision of churches working together across denominational lines, building one another up, experiencing new health and vitality, and increasing the harvest. A little hesitant at first, God repeatedly affirmed this vision and Dwight stepped out in faith and started Aaron Ministries.


Today, Dwight is Aaron Ministries’ Executive Director and reports to a Board of Directors. Dwight uses his carpentry and general contracting skills to run Habermehl Contracting – a business which makes it possible for Dwight to run Aaron Ministries without being a financial burden on any churches or denominations.


Dwight lives in Nova Scotia and is married to Kristen and they have 5 beautiful children. In his spare time he loves being outdoors, spending time with his family and playing in the workshop with his boys.