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Conferences & Seminars

Through walking with and discussions with ministry leaders, Aaron Ministries puts on conferences/seminars that it believes will help equip ministry leaders. As such, conferences/seminars are put on on an as needed basis. Examples of the themes of past and present conferences/seminars have been provided below. If you have an area of need that you think needs to be addressed we would love to hear from you; please write to us at info@aaronministries.ca.


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What past participants have said:


The speakers were all excellent. I don't think I've ever been to a conference (secular or religious) where every speaker was so good. Their talks were very relevant to the issues in the church/community today with some really good suggestions to mobilize to mission.
– 2012 Mobilize: Maintenance to Mission Conference Attendee


This conference was right up there with the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. I could feel the Holy Spirit there among us.

– 2012 Mobilize: Maintenance to Mission Conference Attendee


The conference helped me to refocus and not be discouraged - rely on Christ's provisions as we move forward.  Thank you
– 2012 Mobilize: Maintenance to Mission Conference Attendee

The Church Governance Seminar was excellent.
– 2012 Momentum: Church Governance Seminar Attendee


Momentum seminar exceeded my expectations... Thank you Aaron Ministries for providing the opportunity and spurring us on as better leaders in Kingdom work.
– 2012 Momentum: Church Governance Seminar Attendee



Governance Conference Natural Church Development Seminar Leadership Conference


A conference to increase a church’s capacity to work together towards God’s purposes and plans with effective and healthy governance principles.


This seminar helps churches evaluate and measure the elements of church health and effectiveness in order to create direction in applying appropriate principles, tools, process and resources.

Mobilize: Maintenance to Mission

A conference designed to give church leaders tools to help congregations change their culture of “maintenance ministry” to “mission focused ministry”. Topics that will be covered include bridging cultural divides between Church & community, ministry planning, creating ownership and buy in, leading change, nurturing spiritual vitality, measuring effectiveness, and creating functional governance.